Monday, December 19, 2016

His by Command by Maddie Taylor #newrelease #scifi #naughty #romance

Please welcome Maddie Taylor. She's here today to share the details of her hot new sci-fi release, including a naughty excerpt!

Primarian Mates, the bestselling sci-fi series from Maddie Taylor continues…

In the premier novel, The Barbarian’s Captive, we meet the Primarians; giant, heart stoppingly handsome men from the male dominated planet, Primaria. Tragedy has caused their female population to dwindle and has lead them to seek out other species to save them from extinction. Max Kerr, their Princep, finds his fated mate and Prima in Earth scientist, Lieutenant Eva La Croix. Sparks fly as they find they have an unquenchable desire for one another as well as a rare and unbreakable bond that can never be severed.

In His By Command, we board the Odyssey and follow Captain Maggie and her crew as they attempt to escape their Primarian pursuers. Danger, intrigue, and desire are the order of the day as Maggie determinedly fights to escape so they may continue their mission to save the people of Earth. Passions flame and cheeks get heated as Maggie repeatedly defies and refuses to surrender to Roth, the gorgeous, irresistible, and dominant to the bone Commander of the Primarian Space Fleet.


“I’m not used to repeating my orders. You will follow me to the bedroom and place yourself over my lap for your punishment, or if you continue to object, I can carry you and place you there myself. If you choose the latter, more defiance, what I had planned will be doubled. Either way, you’re getting spanked. Choose now.”

With a mulish set to her jaw, she stared at him with fists clenched. Roth could image all manner of retribution formulating in her head. He gave her to a silent count of five, admiring her fiery beauty as the time ticked by.

As the self-imposed limit expired in his head, he leaned forward and clasped her wrist. “Double it is, by your choice.”

He turned and strode down the hall, bringing her right along with him. She resisted, naturally, but was no match for his strength. “Your bottom is going to be very sore until you learn that you don’t have control over everything anymore. I don’t imagine that will be pleasant for you, and it is entirely unnecessary if you only submit.”


Easily, he sat on the edge of his bed and pulled her between his thighs, his long legs clamping around her own. With one hand locked around her wrist, he used the other to ease down the zipper of her flight suit.

With her free hand, she knocked his fingers away. “What are you doing?”

“This garment is one piece, further it has pants. It must come off for me to get to the skin I plan to swat. Be still.”

Again, he began to lower the fastener.

“No,” she cried as she began to struggle, slapping at his hand. He caught it easily and transferred it so that he held both of her wrists in one hand behind her back.

“You’re making more of this than is necessary,” he growled as she continued to twist and fight his hold. It didn’t stop him from sliding the zipper down, which he did quickly, past her navel. She let out a whimper and her face flushed brilliant red as he realized one reason for her resistance—she wore nothing underneath.

Being seated on the bed as he contained her, put his head at chest level with an unhindered view of her flawless skin and the full inner curves of her breasts. His body stirred at the luscious temptation before him, his mouth watering for a taste.

Damn him, she was not his to claim.

Another would be her mate and that right belonged to him.

He was her commander, in this case, and he would have to limit himself to what he needed to see and touch to carry out this discipline.

“Your species is quite shy, I’ve noticed. Don’t be. Primarians find the naked form beautiful, and your female form is nearly identical to a Primarian female. Perhaps yours is softer, the curves more pronounced.” He paused to clear his suddenly dry throat, before going on. “You won’t have anything that I haven’t seen before.”

“If you have seen tens of thousands of bare women,” she avowed through clenched teeth, “I care not. You haven’t seen me and that is the problem.”

“An unfortunate complication, but your clothing, or lack thereof, will not deter me from administering a proper punishment. And since we believe in swift retribution for crimes, the added discomfort of being bared for discipline is something you’ll need to adapt to.” As he slid the material over her shoulders and dragged it down her body to her upper thighs, baring pink-tipped breasts that were already taut and standing proud, a flat, creamy belly, round, womanly hips, and a light fluff of downy hair shadowing her mound, he knew that the lesson he was about to give her would be almost as difficult for him to endure.


Leading an all-female crew on a deep space expedition weighs heavily on Maggie Vohlmer's young shoulders. Their mission, find a habitable planet to replace the dying Earth. With the Odyssey in orbit around a promising new world, a team of their best scientists is attacked while exploring the surface below. Maggie can only listen helplessly to their distress call as a solar storm prevents a rescue. In the aftermath, she is left with an impossible decision, pursue the powerful aliens who have taken eight of her own, or leave them to their fate while protecting the hundreds of women still under her command.

When their ship is seized by the same enemy days later, they are surprised to find their captors are gorgeous, human-like men. They are also huge, stronger, and much more advanced. Maggie can only hope they aren't the barbarians they first thought and can be reasoned with. Those hopes are dashed when they are whisked away to the aliens' world to become mates to these dominant men. They are shocked further to learn that on Primaria, men make the rules, women are expected to obey, and defiance will be met as it has for generations, with a bare bottom spanking. Reeling as their world, and mission, is turned on end, Maggie and her crew can think of nothing except escape.

As leader of the Primarian Space Fleet, Commander Roth is dedicated to protecting his people from otherworldly threats, as well as searching out a compatible species that will help save his dwindling race. With so much at stake, he doesn't have time for a mate. But destiny has other plans for him, sending him the perfect match in the form of the curvy, blonde captain.

Except Maggie is unwilling to give up the fight for their freedom, not while her mission to save the people of Earth is unfulfilled. She refuses to submit willingly, and Roth will not bend. Both struggle to deny the passionate chemistry that flares hotly between them. When in a twist of fate, they are paired together, can these two determined leaders find a way to coexist? Or will Roth's resolve that she bow to his authority, and his old-fashioned brand of discipline, lead to heartache? And, in the end, can Maggie, who tries Roth's patience at every turn, find a way to rescue both worlds, while learning to acquiesce to the dominance of her unexpected mate?

Publisher's note: A stand-alone sequel to Taylor's bestselling, The Barbarian's Captive, His By Command is a romantic novel containing sexual scenes, spanking, and elements of BDSM. If this subject matter is offensive, please do not buy this book.


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