Mail Order Human series

Alien's Innocent Bride (Mail Order Human, Book 1)

Desperate to escape war-torn Earth, Tara submits an application to Mail Order Human, a company that specializes in matching young women with alien males from distant planets. She’s excited when her application is accepted, but as she boards the Starship Matchmaker, reality sets in and she can’t help but worry. She’ll never see her home planet again, and there’s no guarantee her new alien mate will treat her kindly.

Not long after she’s dropped in the wilderness of a strange world, a huge beast of a man chases her down, claiming he’s her mate and she belongs to him. He actually thinks he owns her after paying Mail Order Human’s exorbitant fee for an otherworldly bride. Oh, like hell! One way or another, she’ll escape the big, muscular alien.

The chase is a tradition in Sev’s culture, and he’s angered to discover Mail Order Human didn’t educate Tara about his people. After a series of mishaps, the spirited human softens and he thinks he’s won her over, and though the animal in him hungers to take her roughly, he’s gentle and patient with her during her first time. But the next morning, he awakens to discover she’s run away, and he senses her distress in the forest below. Though her rejection stings, he bounds into the forest, determined to save her. Will he manage to win her heart once and for all? Or will the stubborn human still insist on returning to her home planet?

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Alien's Princess Bride (Mail Order Human, Book 2)

A princess on the run... A hunky alien in need of a wife...

Fearing for her life, Elizabeth signs up for Mail Order Human and hopes for the best. It frightens her that marriage to a stranger—an alien!—on a faraway planet is her only option for survival, but she can’t stay hidden in the English countryside forever. She arrives on the planet Sepkar, beyond nervous about meeting her new mate. He’s a fierce looking alien, after all, and a huge one at that.

Zarr is drawn to Elizabeth at first glance and hopes they can build a happy life together. But it isn’t long before their cultural differences cause a rift between them. It’s never a good sign when your new bride screams the moment you take off your pants on your wedding night. There’s also the problem of marking her as his and hoping she doesn’t hate him for it. Wooing his human bride just might be the most difficult thing he’s ever done, even more so once it becomes apparent someone on Sepkar is trying to harm her. Can he keep her safe and earn her trust at the same time?

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Alien's Reluctant Bride (Mail Order Human, Book 3)

Ally can’t believe her late father really arranged for her marriage to an alien through Mail Order Human. She attempts to remain on Earth, but ends up aboard the Starship Matchmaker anyway, bound for a planet called New Protemeda. Her promised mate, a tall and sinfully handsome alien named Naad, greets her at the landing site with a smile…only to go all caveman on her and toss her over his shoulder moments later. But her barbarian soon proves to be gentle, and she finds herself yearning for his touch and thinking perhaps life on this strange world might not be so bad. That is until he betrays her.

Naad doesn’t understand why Ally would run off after their week of nonstop, passionate mating. Intent on tracking down his reluctant bride, he tears down the mountain, desperate to find her before she meets with trouble. But even if he finds her in time, will she accept him into her heart?

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Alien's Orphan Bride (Mail Order Human, Book 4)

All Hailey ever wanted was a place to belong. After growing up in an orphanage and learning firsthand how hopeless survival on Earth has become, she signs up for Mail Order Human. An alien husband on a faraway planet is her best bet at finding the happily ever after she’s dreamed of since she was a little girl. But her heart is broken when her new husband gives her a cold reception and confines her to his property. She tries to uncover the demons haunting the huge Marrlxian so she can better understand his coldness, but he keeps his heart closely guarded and only tightens his leash on her. Will he ever bare his tattered soul to her? Or will he cast her aside after she gives him the heir he so desperately needs?

After his first mate ran away with her lover, Cav doesn’t trust females of any race. But he needs an heir, so he arranges to receive a young human woman from Mail Order Human. He’s heard humans are more easily controlled than the females of his own kind, and he thinks if his new mate fears him, she won’t dare make a fool of him like his first mate did. But Hailey isn’t easily cowed into submission, and he soon learns human females can prove as stubborn and proud as a seasoned Marrlxian warrior. Can he learn to stop living in the past before he drives Hailey away completely?

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Alien's Beloved Bride (Mail Order Human, Book 5)

Riley boards the Starship Matchmaker, desperate to escape all the heartbreak she’s known on Earth, only to find her hopes for a better life soon shattered. The starship is attacked and she’s sold to a fearsome creature—who displays her as a curiosity in an alien marketplace. Just when she thinks her situation can’t get any worse…here comes a deadly flash flood. But to her utter surprise, she’s beamed onto a ship, where a huge green alien greets her and claims he’s her mate. Though she’s grateful for his help and can’t stop admiring his muscle-bound physique, she wonders if she’s truly safe with him.

Zurron is enraged by Riley’s treatment in the alien marketplace. He vows swift and brutal vengeance upon the creature who bought her, but first he must get her settled safely on his home planet. He’s entranced by her delicate beauty and light blue eyes, and his blood heats at the prospect of finally claiming her. He delights in exploring every part of her and making her blush hard, and he’s thankful to finally have a female to call his own. But when tragedy befalls Zurron’s family, honor and duty dictate that he must depart Norina and go to battle.

Riley finds it difficult to believe the very alien who kissed her senseless and made her body hum with pleasure possesses such a violent and vengeful side. Yet she longs for his homecoming and fears being given to another Norinan male if he perishes in battle. Will the hunky green alien who’s captured her heart return before it’s too late?

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Mail Order Human: The Complete Series

Desperate to escape war-torn Earth, young women are lining up in droves to submit applications to Mail Order Human. If chosen, they must journey to faraway planets to meet their new alien mates. Of course, when you combine space travel, nervous mail order brides, panty-melting alpha male aliens, and the occasional villain...something is bound to go wrong.

Cultures collide and passion burns hot as a supernova in this collection of five sci-fi alien romances.


Alien's Innocent Bride
Alien's Princess Bride
Alien's Reluctant Bride
Alien's Orphan Bride
Alien's Beloved Bride

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