May 2018


Hot new release this month ~ Papa's Joy (Little Ladies of Talcott House, Book 3)!


You belong to Papa now.


Nineteen-year-old Daisy, Talcott House's resident eavesdropper, snoop and prankster, is about to marry Lord Edward Kensington. The unlikely couple fell in love when Daisy literally landed at his feet on the day he was supposed to wed another.

Daisy is as surprised as anyone that a man as handsome and important as Lord Kensington would wish to marry a plain girl such as her. But, when she looks into his eyes and he touches her hand, a warm tingle moves through her and takes her breath away.

After a period of darkness and despair, Edward decides to take a wife. For reasons known only to himself, he eschews the crush and crowds of the London season and seeks the assistance of Miss Wickersham in finding a bride amongst the Little Ladies of Talcott House. He asks only that she be biddable and obedient.

Once they are wed, Daisy learns marital relations are even better than the sweet rapture she has read about in the romance novels she used to swipe from Miss Wickersham's private library. With Papa's loving guidance--and firm hand--Daisy blossoms and begins to hope she and her papa will have their own happily ever after.

Except for that one, deepest, darkest, most horrible secret which she must never reveal, even to her loving papa.

Publisher's Note: Like all the books in the Little Ladies of Talcott House series, Papa's Joy can be read as a standalone novel.


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March 2018 


I have a new release this month! Papa's Desires (Little Ladies of Talcott House, Book 2) by Sue Lyndon + Celeste Jones is LIVE on Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


Be a good girl for papa.


Twenty-two year old Hyacinth is finally getting married. She eagerly looks forward to life with a papa who will love and care for her. She hopes he will be a patient teacher, since no one will tell her what actually happens between married people. Fortunately, her friend Cammie has sent a letter with some explanations in it. However, Hyacinth can't help but wonder if Cammie is making up tales.


Men have what? And they put it where?


A chance encounter with the exceedingly tall and handsome Lord Grayson gives Hyacinth a funny feeling in her lady parts and she starts to wonder if there's some truth in her friend's rather explicit letter. But, why is Hyacinth thinking about Lord Grayson in that way, instead of her betrothed, Lord Kensington?


When a twist of fate results in Hyacinth marrying Lord Grayson instead of Lord Kensington, she is both nervous and overjoyed. Her new papa gently introduces her to the secrets of the marital bed and awakens desires she never expected. He's as loving as she imagined a papa should be, but he's also strict and won't hesitate to redden her bottom cheeks when she's been a naughty little girl, among other intimate punishments that leave her both blushing with shame and craving his touch. As time goes on, she cannot help but think that she has been truly blessed and a lifetime of love and happiness awaits her.


But what will happen when Papa discovers his little bride has been keeping secrets?


Publisher's Note: Papa's Desires is the second book in the Little Ladies of Talcott House series, however like all the books in this series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone title. This historical age play romance novel includes spankings, sexual scenes, and other delightful naughtiness. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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January 2018


Big news! I co-wrote naughty regency romance novel with the fabulous Celeste Jones called Papa's Rules...and it's now live on Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Hope you'll check it out! :)


Every girl needs a papa.

Orphaned and living on the streets of London, life held little hope for Cammie. That is, until Miss Wickersham took her to Talcott House, where the unfortunate are given everything they need...and then become proper little ladies for the papas selected for them by Miss Wickersham.

Ever since her arrival at Talcott House, Cammie has dreamed of the day she would belong to a papa of her very own. A husband to love and protect her for the rest of her days.Lord Alexander Cavendish has longed for a little girl to spoil and cherish. When Miss Wickersham introduces him to nineteen-year-old Cammie, it's love at first sight. However, he is not one to spare the rod and when Cammie disobeys, he does not hesitate to bare her bottom and impose proper punishment.

In Papa's arms...and bed...Cammie finally experiences the love and safety she has craved. And when Papa takes his bride over his knee for well-deserved discipline, Cammie's body responds in a most unladylike manner.

Despite his words of devotion, Cammie wonders if a high-born man such as Lord Cavendish can truly be happy with a girl from the streets.

In order to secure his love, she is determined to follow Papa's Rules.

Publisher's Note: Papa's Rules is a historical age play romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, medical play, and other delightful naughtiness. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.


Available on Amazon

February 2018


I'm so excited to announce the release of Black Light: Roulette Redux ! My all-new novella, Doctored, is featured in this smoking hot BDSM romance collection!

Three hours. Four hard limits. Nine hot stories.

The most wicked game in the world of BDSM is back for another night of fulfilling your dirtiest fantasies!


Black Light is the top BDSM club in Washington D.C. and last year they shocked everyone with "Valentine Roulette'.  Now, it's the month of love again, and that means it's time to play this naughty game of chance!  With tempting new kinks and daring new participants, 'Roulette Redux' will bring you all the heat you can handle as these sexy dominants spin to win their submissives, and the subs spin to choose which kink they'll play. Their prize if they last the night? One free month at Black Light, and for some lucky participants... even a chance at love. 


Celebrate Valentine's Day with nine NEW kinky stories from nine USA Today and international bestselling authors! 


"Brat" by Livia Grant

"Unrestrained" by Jennifer Bene

"Forced" by Renee Rose

"Edge" by Alta Hensley

"Doctored" by Sue Lyndon

"Shameless" by Maren Smith

"Confessions" by Measha Stone

"Surrender" by Maggie Ryan

"Taken" by Jane Henry

Available on Amazon (FREE with Kindle Unlimited!)



October 2017 


Happy Halloween! I have a naughty new short story out this month!


Punished by the Cowboy


After a string of disappointing relationships, Liz turns to a kink-friendly online dating site, in hopes of finally finding Mr. Spanko McDreamy. She instantly connects with a man named Jacob who happens to live nearby, and after weeks of sharing their deepest fantasies and secrets via email and instant messages, they plan to meet in person at a Halloween party. But she's nervous as hell when she finally comes face-to-face with the tall, muscular cowboy. His deep, sexy voice and his dark, intense eyes practically melt her panties on the spot, but will their online connection truly transfer to real life? And will she be able to gracefully submit to her first real disciplinarily spanking?



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