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Black Light: Roulette War

One crazy bet. Two sexy clubs. Eight bestselling authors.

During this Roulette, only one can come out on top.

Black Light’s naughty game of Valentine Roulette returns with eight brand new scorching hot stories.  For the first time, Black Light East and Black Light West will compete against each other to capture the title of hottest BDSM club of the year in Black Light: Roulette War. 

More than bragging rights hang in the balance when couples risk their hearts in this wild game unlike any other.  With stories from Jennifer Bene, Livia Grant, Renee Rose, Measha Stone, Sue Lyndon, Golden Angel, Eris Adderly, and Kay Elle Parker, everyone will be betting on this sizzling game of chance.

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Her Alien Beast
The little human has awakened my mating instincts.
I don't think I can be gentle.

My blood heats to feverish levels whenever I look upon the pretty human female called Amira. I burn with the need to claim her, body and soul, to sink my teeth into her and mark her as mine forever.

But we come from different worlds and she was promised to another long ago, a male she is desperate to escape. I've promised to keep her safe and help her avoid the forced marriage, but can I protect her from myself? My blood keeps getting hotter, the urge to hold her down and claim her as my mate becoming stronger by the day.

Eventually, I'll give in to the dark passions coursing through my veins. The Kaxxloran mating urge is coming upon me. It's only a matter of time until I lose all control...
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Varro's Human Bride (Tarrkuan Masters, Book 2)
On your knees, little human.

Julie is desperate to travel to Tarrkua and join her sister--the only family she has left in this universe. But to reach the distant alien planet, she must assume the identity of another Earth woman who's supposed to marry a Tarrkuan. Can she pull off the switch without her new alien husband learning of her deceit?

After years spent in the asteroid mines, Varro returns to his home planet only to discover his betrothed has married another. Angry and hurt, he vows to never trust another female again, though he knows he must fulfill his duties to his people and procreate as soon as possible. Now he must take the human bride who's offered to him--a stranger from Earth, no less. But warmth fills him the moment he first glimpses his little bride, and her sweet demeanor soon wins him over. Perhaps an arranged marriage to a human is what the Gods had intended for him all along.

Once Julie and Varro are married, he takes her home and claims her thoroughly, leaving no doubt in her mind that she now belongs to him. He also informs her that he's more than her husband--he's also her master--and she's expected to obey his every command. When she's naughty, he doesn't hesitate to apply a sturdy leather strap to her bottom. But he also possesses a gentler side and she can't help falling for the strict but loving alien. She also can't help but shudder in ecstasy as he claims her roughly, time and time again, leaving her breathless and trembling for his masterful touch.

But all lies eventually unravel. What will Varro do when he learns of her deceit?
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Innocent Brides: Little Ladies of Talcott House Complete Collection
Powerful lords. Blushing brides. Firm discipline.
A smoking hot historical daddy dom romance collection!

At Talcott House, an establishment for orphaned young ladies, innocent brides are matched with strict but loving papas once they come of age. This deliciously naughty historical daddy dom romance box set includes all four books in the Little Ladies of Talcott House series: Papa's Rules, Papa's Desires, Papa's Gift, and Papa's Captive.

Note: This collection is perfect for lovers of racy Regency romance, daddy dom romance, age play romance, domestic discipline romance, and bdsm and spanking romance. Please don't purchase or read this book if such material offends you.
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