Reestrian Mates series

Step Alien (Reestrian Mates, Book 1)

Kira is shocked when Alex shows up on her doorstep after he’s been missing for six years. She’s thankful her stepbrother is alive, but with his arrival her entire life changes in a matter of hours. Alex confesses he isn’t exactly human, he’s part of a royal alien family, and he’s spent his missing years on his home world completing his final growth cycles and learning about his people.

At over seven feet tall and with muscles like a gladiator, Prince Alex looks like a deadly weapon. But she soon realizes he’s still the same Alex she’s always secretly loved, and when he confesses his feelings for her it seems too good to be true. Then his royal highness drops the ultimate bombshell: his Reestrian mating urge is almost upon him and it’s her he aches to claim, but they must leave for Reestria soon.

Problems arise when the American president announces the existence of Alex’s species months before schedule, and in the mass panic all Reestrians must evacuate Earth until humans calm the freak down. Alex arrives on his home world with Kira, and it’s all he can do to keep from ripping her clothes off before they reach the privacy of his chambers. But then she goes missing. With the full force of his mating urge upon him, all will be lost if he doesn’t find Kira soon and claim the feisty little human as his.

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Sweet Alien (Reestrian Mates, Book 2)

Having sworn off all men after enduring an abusive marriage, Angie wants nothing to do with the huge aliens on the Raavika. Too bad it’s the only spaceship that will get her to Reestria in time for her friend Kira’s wedding.

When a Reestrian prince stops by her quarters, she takes one look at the tall muscular alien and faints. Except he’s there when she awakens and claims he senses her fear of men. He vows to protect her from the all-male crew, and though she knows she shouldn’t feel an attraction to him, she finds herself drawn to the powerfully massive alien hunk in every way.

Prince Joseph hasn’t desired a female since his mate died years ago, but just being in Angie’s presence has called up his long dormant mating urge. He can’t stop stroking her brilliant red hair, or staring into her gorgeous green eyes, or thinking about licking the cute freckles on her face. Then as the tension between them swells and his mating fever burns hot, a newly discovered race of aliens opens fire on their ship.

Even if she doesn’t choose to mate with him, Joseph plans to honor his vow to protect the beautiful human woman he yearns to claim…

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Double Alien (Reestrian Mates, Book 3)

When Dr. Leann Walters is offered a deal to write a book about Reestrian culture, she jumps at the chance to travel to the alien planet and spend a whole month immersed in their society. Of course, finishing her research will be difficult with Taj and Dom trailing her every move and tempting her resolve to remain single. The huge, muscular Reestrian twins have been assigned as her personal guides and protectors during her stay in Galattak Clan. And protect her they do. When she finds herself accosted by a large Reestrian male, they fight for the right to claim her as theirs and whisk her to the safety of their mountainside home.

Though the heat of the battle causes Taj and Dom to finally experience their mating urge, they promise not to touch Leann unless she’s willing. Their first priority is to keep her hidden from other males intent on stealing her away. She’s now considered a “prize mate” and it’s only a matter of time before others arrive to challenge Taj and Dom…. unless they mate with her first. She’s intelligent and confident, quite tall for a human female and deliciously curvy, and both brothers ache to join with her in a lasting mating bond. They were drawn to her even before their mating fever burned hot and believe she’s their perfect match. Problem is, their stubborn human ward still needs a little convincing…

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Boss Alien (Reestrian Mates, Book 4)

Gina travels to Rahatha, the first Human-Reestrian settlement on Earth, hoping to land a new job and get a fresh start. The problem? The ad for an office job she answers specifically advertises for a hardworking male, and it takes a lot of convincing to get the huge, dangerously sexy, Mr. Jax, to hire her, on account of her having breasts. The other problem? Jax is the only unmated Reestrian in Rahatha, and he begins experiencing his mating urge during her first day on the job.

Jax starts up his hovercraft business in Rahatha, knowing his mating urge will strike him at any hour, and knowing he’ll probably have to venture outside of the enclosed city to find a willing mate. But then in walks Gina, with her delicious curves and soulful, dark brown eyes. She ignites his passion and makes his blood burn hotter than the sun of his home planet. Even before the urge to mate comes upon him, he decides he wants her and no other woman. He sets out to court her human-style, but somehow can’t get that right. She keeps turning him down, even though she’s always squirming and flushing in his presence. If only human females weren’t so complicated…

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Savage Alien (Reestrian Mates, Book 5)

Mia is beamed aboard a Reestrian warship after venturing past a roadblock near Rahatha. She fears she’s in trouble for trespassing, but soon discovers her predicament is much worse. The captain has taken her as a mating gift for his younger brother, Sekor, a Warrior Reestrian who’s experiencing his mating urge and is in desperate need of a female.

Her fascination with the aliens fades under the cold reality of not being given a choice, and though she thinks her intended, Sekor, is rather charming, she still hopes to escape. Warrior Reestrians live by their own rules and are considered savages among their kind. But the thought of being claimed by the massive, hunky alien leaves her breathless with desire, and she can’t help but wonder what it would be like to become a Warrior Reestrian’s mate.

Sekor gladly takes ownership of the little human called Mia, but her rejection confounds him. Why doesn’t she wish to mate with a powerful Reestrian who will protect her, love her, and cherish her? Just when he thinks he’s finally wooed her, she vanishes from the ship. With his mating fever burning hotter by the hour, time is running out. Even if he finds her before The Madness claims him, will he succeed in convincing her she’s destined to become his mate?

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Reestrian Mates: The Complete Series

Not long after their final growth cycle completes, Reestrian males experience a powerful urge to mate. This collection features 5 steamy, romantic stories of human women being courted (as best an alien can!) and claimed by the hunky Reestrian males who find them irresistible.


Step Alien
Sweet Alien
Double Alien
Boss Alien
Savage Alien

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