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Showing His Love

by Sue Lyndon

“All right, ladies! It’s time to cut the cake.”


Finally. Tammy sighed in relief. Cake was always served last at these things. After cake, she could make a polite getaway. She glanced across the banquet hall at her sister-in-law, Marie, who was surrounded by her closest friends, holding her bulging tummy as she chatted about baby names and what kind of disposable diaper service she’d be using. Not knowing a single soul, aside from Marie – who treated her with fake kindness – Tammy felt awkward and missed Alex terribly.


None of her family members, including her mother, had been able to make it. The invitations – or unvitations, as Tammy jokingly called them – had arrived a mere week before the baby shower. In her stubbornness, Tammy booked a flight and hotel at the last minute, just to stick it to Marie. Now she second guessed her genius plan of retribution. After all, was it worth it to make herself so miserable? Probably not.


Buzz. Her purse vibrated. Tammy searched for her cell phone. It was a text from Alex.


How’s it going?


She glanced around to make sure no one was paying her any attention before typing her reply. Kill me now.


That bad?


Terrible. Marie’s friends are just as fake as she is. I still can’t believe my brother married her. All she cares about is a fancy address and designer baby clothes.


Well, I figured you’d be upset right about now. I have a surprise, kitten.




I hopped a flight and I’m waiting in the hotel lobby right now.




Tammy looked up from her phone as a huge piece of red velvet cake was shoved in her face. “Uh, sure, thanks.” She accepted the dessert and casually placed her phone down. Her heart contracted with delight. Alex was in the hotel, right outside in the lobby waiting for her.




Her eyes fell to the illuminated screen as she took a bite of cake. I brought the paddle.


The cake caught in her throat, and she reached for her cup of party punch. A few curious eyes traveled her way, including Marie’s.


“You all right, Tammy?” her sister-in-law called from across the room. She flashed a dazzling smile, revealing perfect white teeth.


Groaning inwardly, Tammy forced a smile and waved a hand dismissively in the air. “Oh, yeah. I’m good. The cake’s a little dry, that’s all.” The shock on Marie’s face was priceless. Tammy’s spirits brightened and she sat the cake on the table. Now was the time to leave – when she had the upper hand. After texting Alex a quick I’m on my way, she said goodbye to Marie and exited the banquet room.


Her heels clicked in the hallway as she approached the lobby. Butterflies flitted about in her tummy.


The paddle. He’d brought the paddle.


She knew she wasn’t in trouble for anything, and she loved the light sting of the implement during a playful spanking. In fact, she’d been on her best behavior for months and hadn’t earned a punishment spanking since Halloween. The paddle was a new purchase and had only been used for fun.


So far.


The sight of Alex in a pair of faded jeans and a snug t-shirt that hugged his muscles took her breath away. Much better than red velvet cake. Her pulse raced as she glanced at his shoulder bag, knowing what it contained.


“You look beautiful.” His dark eyes swept over her body, and she was secretly happy she’d gone shopping at a nearby boutique for a sexy new dress after arriving on the early flight yesterday.


“I can’t believe you’re here!” Standing on her tiptoes, she pressed a kiss to his warm, inviting lips. His stubble grazed her cheek.


“I have some rules you need to hear before we go up to the room.” One dark eyebrow lifted.


She gulped. “Rules?”


“Yes. Rules. I don’t want to hear any complaining about Marie or her friends once we get up in the room. I told you coming to the shower was a bad idea. The two of you have never gotten along, and it was catty of you to insist on coming, Tammy.”


She bristled. “It was even more catty of her to invite me and my mother at the last minute. I know it was done on purpose, even though her BFF supposedly planned the thing.”


His eyebrow rose higher. “We’ve already had this argument, kitten.”


“You’re right. I’ll try to stop talking about it.” She grinned and batted her eyelashes, leaning into his chest as he placed a kiss to her forehead. Through his jeans, his erection pressed against her center. She tingled all over in anticipation of his private touch.


“That’s a good girl,” he said. “Give me your keycard.”


Tammy dug through her purse and handed it to him. They took the elevator to the ninth floor. Disappointment coursed through her when a little old lady entered behind them, preventing any naughty elevator shenanigans. Grr. Maybe next time. Alex must’ve read her thoughts, because he squeezed her ass each time the old lady glanced away. She quietly slapped his arm and covered her mouth to hold in the laughter.


They exited the elevator, moving past the old lady, and hurried into the hallway. Tammy couldn’t wait to get Alex alone. After hopping a plane to surprise her like this, he deserved one hell of a blowjob.


Once inside the room, she tossed her purse on the floor and kicked off her heels. Alex grabbed her from behind, trailing hot kisses down the side of her neck, rubbing his bulge against her bottom. Her pussy quivered and she moaned delicately, lost in the moment as he began groping her breasts. One hand slipped up the front of her dress, caressing her inner thigh.


“Mmm,” she murmured. “I’ve missed you.”


“I’ve missed you too, kitten. It’s too bad you have a punishment coming.”


“A what?”


“You heard me. You promised me you had good intentions for coming to this baby shower, but the phone and text conversations we’ve had since you arrived in Memphis indicate otherwise.”


Tammy stiffened. Her stomach flipped when she remembered the paddle. Anger flared briefly in her chest when she thought of how Alex had enticed her upstairs. If she’d known she had a punishment coming, she would have been the last guest to leave the party. Hell, she would’ve lingered to help the hotel staff clean up. “You’re joking, right?”


“No joke. You should’ve taken the higher road and skipped the shower. It would’ve saved you all this misery. I know Marie is always trying to pick fights with you, but I expect more from you, Tammy. You’re better than that.”


Her mouth opened and closed, and she decided it best to not respond. Once Alex made up his mind, there was no changing it. His firm voice filled her with curious dread. How would the paddle feel during a punishment? Her mouth felt dry when she tried to swallow past the growing lump in her throat.


“But we’re in a hotel, Alex. What if someone hears?”


“The rooms on either side of us are unoccupied. I asked the lady at the desk. Told her I was thinking of getting a room next to you.”


“But what if I scream?”


He turned her to face him, and his dark, serious eyes bored into her soul, stealing her breath away. Forbidding didn’t begin to describe his countenance. “You’re only getting ten with the paddle, Tammy. It’ll be quick and you can scream into a pillow if you need to.” Without waiting for a response, he guided her to the bed, urging her to bend over.


The soft comforter brushed against Tammy’s cheek, but it was soon replaced by a pillow. She buried her face, fearing the whole hotel would hear the ordeal if she didn’t take this precaution. The paddle stung enough during play, and Alex didn’t use even half his strength then. She heard him shuffling about the room, and the telltale sound of a shoulder bag being unzipped. A few seconds later, his hands roved over her bottom, cupping her cheeks through her dress before pulling the material up to gather at her waist. Her panties came next, yanked down to her trembling knees.


“Tell me why you’re getting this spanking, Tammy.” His tone was all business.


She took a slow, calming breath. “Because I came here for a bad reason. I know I shouldn’t let Marie get to me the way she does, and I know I shouldn’t sink to her level. I’m sorry.” Saying it out loud felt nice, even if she had a paddling coming.


“I came here because I love you, kitten. And that’s exactly why you’re getting this spanking.”


Crack! The first blow caught her left cheek. The air flew out of her lungs. Clutching the pillow, she moaned deep in her throat, and screamed with the next smack. Good God, it hurt. The pain seared her flesh, stinging deep and all over. Each crack of the paddle covered a lot of surface. And to think she was the one who suggested buying it. Not her smartest moment.


The final blows came fast, and she tried her best to keep silent, hoping the pillow muffled her protests. When Alex’s hand rubbed her lower back, she knew it was over. Filled with relief, she sagged over the bed. She had survived. And now she had a healthy respect for the wooden implement that now rested on the bed. She turned farther around, until Alex gathered her on his lap, stroking her hair and kissing her forehead. As always, she melted into his affections, resting her ear near his heart to listen to its steady, reassuring beat.


“I’m sorry.”


“I know. It’s all forgiven now.”


After a moment, she recalled his words from earlier and laughed lightly into his chest. “So, this is how you show your love, huh? By flying all the way to Memphis to blister my poor bottom?”


The sound of his chuckle vibrated through her, reassuring her that he was in good spirits – even after a long flight and having to deal with her misbehavior. “It’s one way, kitten.” He pushed her down on the bed, straddling her as his hardness pressed against her center. “But not the only way.”


The End 

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