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Sapphire's Surrender by Tabitha Black #newrelease #western #historical #spanking #romance

Tabitha Black is sharing her hot new release in the Red Petticoat series, Sapphire's Surrender, with us today. Like all the books in the Red Petticoat series, Sapphire's Surrender can be enjoyed as a standalone novel. Don't miss the excerpt below! 


She didn't ever want a man. Until she met him.

With long hair so black it sometimes looks blue, Sapphire is a feisty little thing with a temper as hot as her trademark sultry gaze. All alone in the world after a series of tragic events left her without a family, she considers herself lucky to have found a new home at The Red Petticoat.

There, she has friends who care about her, and a way of dancing which drives the patrons wild. She loves her independence and her ability to earn her own money, and being a saloon girl means she won't ever have to depend on a man. Having discovered at an early age that they aren't to be trusted, she's happy to be on her own. Besides, she's never met a man who was able to evoke even the smallest amount of lust in her, let alone love.

When Sapphire is accused of stealing a client's pocket watch and Sheriff Deputy Crawford Slade is called to the Petticoat to deal with the incident, her world is turned upside down. Despite his sullen, unfriendly demeanor, something about the handsome deputy ignites a passion within her that she finds it increasingly hard to deny.

But the closer she gets to him, the more he seems to pull away. Torn between her pledge never to trust a man and her desire for this dark deputy, Sapphire finds herself in physical and emotional turmoil. Acting on sheer impulse, she resorts to ever more devious methods in order to get Crawford's attention. Unfortunately, everything she tries seems to have the opposite effect, and the deputy grows ever more distant.

For his part, despite all outward appearances, Crawford Slade isn't immune to Sapphire's charms, and there's a part of him which is longing to rein her in and force her to behave.

There are two things holding him back, however: a big secret from the past which he cannot share with anyone, and his own dark lust—which he fears, if unleashed, could frighten not only Sapphire away, but end up costing him everything.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains explicit erotic themes, including spanking and mild breath play. If such material is likely to offend, please do not purchase.


"Listen very carefully, darlin'," he began, so quietly she had to strain to hear him. "Did you or did you not have permission to ride that man's horse?"

"I did not," she muttered.

"Then what you did was stealing. Simple as that. You know what the penalty for horse theft is around these parts?"

She shook her head, her heart pounding so hard she was sure he must be able to feel it.

"Prison time. And I'm talking years, not months. Matter of fact, many a man's been hanged for stealing a fella's horse," he told her.

"Oh, God. Please—"

"Shhh. You only speak when I ask you something. I'm not done talking yet. Now, little girl, you have exactly two choices. Either you agree to let me deal with this and punish you as I see fit, or you will be formally charged, and will be subject to any legal penalties Judge Johnson decides on. While I'm not saying the discipline I've a mind to give you will be easy to take, it will sure as hell be over quicker than letting a judge decide your fate. And I can promise you this; while it will most certainly hurt, you won't ever come to any real harm from me."

She searched his eyes, trying desperately to find even the barest flicker of warmth.

There was none. He was deadly serious.

Even more unsettling than that was the way he was making her feel: that same combination of terror and desire he always seemed to inspire in her body. Her sex was slick, and she wasn't sure whether it was fear or his musky, enticing scent that was making her weak at the knees.

"Well?" he said, his breath warm on her face. "Are you going to be a good girl for me and do exactly as I say, or shall I go fetch the judge right now?"

"Good girl," she breathed. "I'll be a good girl for you, sir."

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Author Bio:

USA Today bestselling author Tabitha Black has been writing erotic spanking fiction for over a decade, mostly in the age-play and historical genres. More recently, she's discovered the joys of writing more contemporary, edgier books with a greater emphasis on BDSM – one of which, Sharing Silver, has been nominated for a Golden Flogger award and won the Spanking Romance Reviews award for best ménage 2015.

Having lived in four countries on three different continents, and been an active participant in her local kinky communities, she likes to "write to discover what she knows." Her own personal kinks include anything and everything to do with spanking, fireplay, edge play, scarification, age-play, and too many more to count. Some girls like wood, some adore leather, but Tabitha is partial to big, shiny, ornate knives… nothing else makes her quite as weak at the knees.

She lives in Europe with her Daddy/Sir, and a lilac cat who likes to sneeze in her face. She has a weakness for great cappuccino; strong, dominant, kind but brutally sadistic men (and counts herself amazingly lucky to have found one in real life); brilliant books, and tattoos.

Tabitha loves getting mail, so if you want to drop her a line, please do so at tabitha_black@hotmail.com. You can also check out her blog here, follow her on Twitter @BlushingTabitha, Instagram, or join her Facebook page. Thank you for reading!

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NEW RELEASE! ~ Alien's Orphan Bride #scifi #romance #FREE w/ #KindleUnlimited

Hey guys! I have a new release out this week in my Mail Order Human sci-fi romance series called Alien's Orphan Bride. It's just 99 cents or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.


All Hailey ever wanted was a place to belong. After growing up in

an orphanage and learning firsthand how hopeless survival on Earth has become, she signs up for Mail Order Human. An alien husband on a faraway planet is her best bet at finding the happily ever after she’s dreamed of since she was a little girl. But her heart is broken when her new husband gives her a cold reception and confines her to his property. She tries to uncover the demons haunting the huge Marrlxian so she can better understand his coldness, but he keeps his heart closely guarded and only tightens his leash on her. Will he ever bare his tattered soul to her? Or will he cast her aside after she gives him the heir he so desperately needs?

After his first mate ran away with her lover, Cav doesn’t trust females of any race. But he needs an heir, so he arranges to receive a young human woman from Mail Order Human. He’s heard humans are more easily controlled than the females of his own kind, and he thinks if his new mate fears him, she won’t dare make a fool of him like his first mate did. But Hailey isn’t easily cowed into submission, and he soon learns human females can prove as stubborn and proud as a seasoned Marrlxian warrior. Can he learn to stop living in the past before he drives Hailey away completely?


He sat her suitcase beside the bed.

“Um, where do you sleep, Cav?” An adorable blush stained her cheeks.

“My room is at the end of the hallway.” He moved to her and toyed with her auburn braid, unable to resist touching her. His cock hardened at the prospect of claiming her tonight. He would take her long and hard, leaving no doubt in her mind to whom she belonged.

He cleared his throat, released her braid, and took a step back. “Though this is your bedroom, there will be many nights when you will be required to sleep in mine.”

Her blush deepened. “Tonight?”

“Yes, tonight.”

He wanted to tear that dress off her and toss her down on the bed, then spread her legs and sink into her feminine sweetness at this very moment. But ficka, he had to suffer through the formality of the mating ceremony first. To take a female before the ceremony wasn’t honorable. Only the lower classes engaged in such sinful pursuits.

Beneath her thin dress, her nipples hardened to stiff peaks, as if to taunt him and the morals he struggled to cling to. She fidgeted in place as she held his gaze, and when he detected the sweet, feminine scent of her arousal, he couldn’t prevent the growl that rumbled from his throat.

Her eyes widened and she moved around the bed, staring at him in alarm.

He supposed human males didn’t growl. Or if they did, it didn’t mean anything good. He didn’t apologize for frightening her though. If she was partly afraid of him, or thought him unpredictable, she wouldn’t dare try to escape him. Not like Lishana.

But don’t you want her to care for you? a traitorous voice whispered in the back of his mind.

He clenched his jaw and growled again, this time prompting a gasp from Hailey. Her hands trembled at her sides and her chest rose and fell rapidly.

“The mating ceremony will take place at sunset. You must get yourself ready.”

“Um, okay. I’ll be sure to change into another dress,” she said, glancing at the nearest armoire.

“I will return for you soon.” He departed the room, but not before he envisioned her slipping off her dress and standing naked while she selected something new to wear. Despite being thinner than he thought a healthy female should be, she had wide hips and an ample butt he couldn’t wait to get his hands on. Perhaps the first time he claimed her, he would bend her over the bed and pound into her from behind.

Other books in the Mail Order Human series:

Note: The Mail Order Human stories don't have to be read in order and can be enjoyed as standalones.

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Melting Silver by Livia Grant ~ New Release! #western #historical #spanking #romance

Livia Grant has a hot new release out! Melting Silver is part of the Red Petticoat series from Blushing Books, but like all the books in this series it can be enjoyed as a standalone. Don't miss the yummy excerpt below...

Melting Silver blurb:

Watching the woman he loves take paying customers upstairs is the hardest thing Charlie Walker has ever had to do. 

Emelie Svennson’s dream is to sing on stage. When a musical troupe passes through her home in Wisconsin, she believes her dream will be fulfilled when the leader invites her to be the star of his show. By the time she realizes he is nothing more than an abusive bully and her dream is now her nightmare, she finds herself stranded in San Francisco with no money and on the run from the law. As she tries to make her way home to her family, she stops in Culpepper Cove and is drawn to the amazing melodies coming from the Red Petticoat Saloon. The handsome piano player is almost as remarkable as his music.

Charlie Walker adores all of the gems he works with, but from the minute he meets Emelie, he knows there is something special about her. As much as he wants her to stay in Culpepper Cove, the thought of her putting on red petticoats and entertaining men upstairs as Silver cuts him to the core.

As their pasts clash, Charlie will have to work hard to convince his new gem that he will not only love and honor her, but that he won’t hesitate to drag her across his knee for a bare-bottomed spanking that promises to warm more than just her backside. Can he convince the woman with the voice of an angel that dreams can come true?


Charlie confirmed her fears. "Your warm up is over, darlin. Time to start the main attraction." She heard rather than saw the smile she knew she'd find on his face.

As the next swift swats connected with her rosy flesh, she had an urge to reach out and smack the smirk off his handsome face. This hurt!

Emelie tried to keep her mind off the pain, counting each stroke in her head as a way to distract herself. She found it made the punishment worse when she realized he'd rained down twenty-five stern and speedy swats and yet was still going strong.

She couldn't hold still any more. Letting go of the bedspread, she moved her hands closer and pushed her torso up in an attempt to escape. He threw his right leg over her flailing legs to hold her immobile, never missing a beat of his punishing hand.

"Stop clenching your cheeks."
Was he crazy? Every muscle in her body tensed. Relaxing was not an option.
When she refused to comply, she felt her tummy rising as he lifted his leg beneath her, angling her body farther forward and revealing the tender spot where her butt met her thighs. His hand moved lower, pelting her sit-spots with the same hard thwacks he'd been delivering. It hurt worse in this tender location, yet each crack against her fanny felt like a direct line of fire to her core.

In a panic, she reached back with her right hand, trying to protect her punished skin. Charlie only stopped long enough to capture her right arm and hold it tight against her back, up and out of the way of her continuing chastisement.

It was in that helpless moment she reconciled the fact that there was nothing she could do to stop the punishment. Unlike in her past when this realization came with a sense of despair, today she was filled instead with a peace she'd not known in a long time. She let the tears flow she'd been blinking back, unsure how she could feel such an intimate connection to a man waling on her ass.

As Charlie charged forward with her lesson, he spoke words she'd never heard from a man before. "That's my girl. I hope you're learning how important you are to me by now, Emelie. We'll be done soon and then all will be forgiven."

Memories of the gunslinger crashed in on her. Oh how she wished this punishment could absolve her of that guilt as well. She suspected there wasn't a spanking hard enough to wipe away that sin.

Overwhelmed with emotion, she let the sobs she'd been holding back rack her body. Tears fell to the bedspread as she cried her heart out. They were tears of regret for her many mistakes of which leaving Ruby alone in town was the least of her sins.

She felt as if she were floating with an unexpected euphoria when she realized her punishment was over. Strong arms held her close, lifting her to first stand before pulling her sore little bottom down into Charlie's lap.

Emelie clung to him, her arms snaked around his neck as she snuggled into the crook of his neck and sobbed her heart out. He held her close, stroking her hair gently, whispering words of forgiveness and reassurance.

When she'd settled, he swished some of her tears away with his hankie before holding it up to her nose. "Blow for me, Em."

It wasn't the first time he'd called her by the same nickname her sister Klara used. Instead of making her homesick, it only made her feel closer to Charlie.

When she felt like she might trust her voice she asked. "Is it over?"

Expecting a resounding yes, his "almost," wasn't what she wanted to hear. She wiggled away, but he held her tight. For the first time she became aware of the hard rod she was sitting on. Testing her suspicion, she wiggled again and a low moan escaped from Charlie.

"That's enough of that." He stood, dropping her onto her feet but making sure he held up the skirt of her gown before it fell to the floor. "To the corner with you."

He was shuffling her along with him as he moved towards the corner nearest the small dresser. She tripped on her drawers before he stopped to step on them. "Lift your foot. You won't be needing these again for awhile."

He had her on the move again as she pointed out the obvious. "This is ridiculous. I’m not a child."

They'd arrived at the corner as he leaned in close, pressing his body against her back intimately. "Believe me, Emelie. I am perfectly aware of that fact." He pressed his erection against her red derrière. "Now, hold up your skirts. I want to see that naughty fanny of yours on display."

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Author Bio:

Livia Grant lives in Chicago with her husband and two sons... one a teenager, the other a furry rescue dog named Max. She is blessed to have traveled extensively and as much as she loves to visit places around the globe, the Midwest and its changing seasons will always be home. Livia started writing when she felt like she finally had the life experience to write a riveting story that she hopes her readers won't be able to put down. Livia's fans appreciate her deep character driven plots, often rooted in an ensemble cast where the friendships are as important as the romance... well, almost.

Where you can find Livia:

Livia’s Website:   www.liviagrant.com
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