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No More Lizards

by Sue Lyndon

A high pitched scream rang out in the bedroom, and a string of obscenities soon followed. Anya smiled from her spot on the sitting room couch. A window screeched open and shut, and heavy footfalls sounded in the hallway seconds later. Her smile vanished when her husband, Roc, appeared in the doorway. Dark accusing eyes met with hers, and she gulped past the sudden dryness in her mouth.


Anya tried to act nonchalant, but her fingers had a mind of their own. She glanced down to discover she was twisting them together in her lap. She felt the blood drain from her face and she couldn’t stop fidgeting under Roc’s intense gaze. She might as well have guilty painted on her forehead.


“Something wrong, honey?”


His eyes flashed. “Do not play the innocent human with me, Anya.”


She gulped again as he entered the room. A hint of gold flickered in the center of his otherwise dark eyes. He seemed larger than ever, his impressively muscular Raxian physique tensed as if for battle. They’d been married a few short weeks, and though she’d been terrified of him at first, she’d grown to trust him. He wouldn’t hurt her. Well, not including spankings. Her bottom tingled as she second guessed her little prank.


“Stand up, Anya.”


She rose to her feet. Slowly. “I won’t do it again.”


“You put a female ebbra under the bed covers. It’s breeding season and her stomach was swollen. What if she’d had her babies on our bed? We’d have hundreds of little ebbras running around the house!”


She hadn’t thought of that. She’d only thought about the amusing high pitched scream that her macho alien husband would emit when he crawled into bed. A knot formed in Anya’s stomach. Guilt tightened in her chest as she peered up at her less-than-amused mate. Perhaps she’d gone too far this time. “I’m sorry, Roc. I didn’t think about that possibility. I promise not to do it again.”


“After I’m through reddening your little bottom, I imagine you won’t dare bring any more ebbras into the house, or pull any more of your pranks. I do not find them amusing.”


She fought the urge to roll her eyes. Raxians were so serious. They rarely laughed or smiled, and they certainly didn’t know how to take a joke. Anya was determined to make Roc lighten up, even if it cost her a sore bottom—or two or three. Or, with her luck, several dozen.


“Remove your nightdress.” His tone brooked no argument.


Heat seared Anya’s cheeks as she pulled her nightdress over her head. She wore no undergarments of any kind, per Roc’s orders, leaving her immediately bared to his gaze. After folding her nightdress, she set it on the couch and waited for his next instructions.


Finally, Roc strode to her and grasped her by the shoulders. Gently. The gold flickering in his eyes dimmed.


“Why do you test me so?” he asked, his voice deep but somehow soft.


She flushed. “You take life too seriously. We have so much for be happy for. I’d like to see you smile and laugh. I know you can. I’ve seen other Raxians smile and laugh. Not many, but some.”


He arched an eyebrow at her. “Let me guess. The Raxians you saw were drunk and stumbling through the streets?”


“Well, yes.” She paused and thought about it harder. Roc didn’t imbibe spirits. Most Raxians didn’t. “Just once I’d like to see you smile, Roc. Please. Do it for me. Smile.”


He sighed and stared at her, then released her arms and stepped back. The corners of his mouth turned up, but his eyes didn’t light up as she’d hoped. He held the ridiculously fake smile for a few seconds before it vanished. Then he rubbed his cheeks and glowered at her. “I do not like this smiling. It hurts.”


Anya laughed. “How can smiling hurt? You’re being silly and grumpy.”


“Do you think it’s wise to call your husband silly and grumpy moments before a spanking?” Despite his sternness, his tone held a wry edge, and she supposed it was as close to humor as he’d ever get.


“I guess it could be worse. My father could have married me off to a Teshcian or a Brazzan,” she mumbled.


“Enough talk.” He guided her to their bedroom.


She spied some of the sheets on the floor and the pillows in disarray on the bed. He’d obviously released the ebbra out the window, and she resolved not to mess around with the lizard-like creatures again. Though it still amused her that Roc had no qualms about hunting the massive beasts in the forest and he showed no fear in chasing a kimma wolf away from the house, yet lizards and snakes were his undoing. Maybe she was going about her quest to teach him humor all wrong. Sighing, she stood between his muscular legs as he sat on the bed. He stared up at her with a severe look that made her weak in the knees. She considered reminding him that Earth lizards laid eggs rather than birth live babies, but she didn’t think that would help her cause. Roc had taught her about all the indigenous creatures near their home, including all about the life cycle of ebbras. Trying to plead ignorance to escape her punishment would only land her in more trouble.


“Roc, I apologized. You don’t have to punish me.” She always tried to talk her way out of a spanking, even those she’d earned fair and square. Of course she might as well save her breath—the firm set of his jaw indicated his mind was made up.


“You did something naughty, Anya, and you are to be punished for it. End of discussion. Now,” he said, raising an eyebrow at her, “repeat after me: I promise to stop putting lizards under the bed covers.”


Anya started to roll her eyes, but smartly stopped herself mid-roll. She blinked a few times, drew a deep breath, and grudgingly obeyed. “I. Promise. To stop putting lizards under the bed covers.”


“I promise to be a good little human and obey my husband.”


She pressed her lips together, holding in a giggle. His tone was serious, but damn were his words funny. If she didn’t know he had a kind, gentle side, she would be outraged whenever he called attention to her humanness, but beneath his often ruthless exterior laid a tender side he revealed only to her. He proved it with his stolen kisses, his habit of stroking her hair, the way he curled her body into his as they slept, and by surprising her with trinkets from the marketplace or bringing home a basket of her favorite berries.


“I’m waiting.”


“I promise to be a good little human and obey my husband.” Miracle of miracles, she managed not to burst into laughter. The fact that she was standing before him, naked and exposed, helped her focus on the seriousness of her predicament. A spanking from Roc was no laughing matter.


He patted his thigh, and she reluctantly lowered herself across his lap.


“Spread your legs a bit, Anya.”


She flushed and felt a pang of desire stirring in her core. Swallowing hard, she hoped he didn’t detect her arousal. After the first few sessions over his knee, once she realized he wouldn’t really hurt her, her body had begun to respond to his strength and power. Though she’d never admit it out loud, she craved his dominance as much as she craved the tenderness he displayed to her after meting out discipline.


“Spread wider.”


She obeyed, feeling her face growing hotter by the second. Her most intimate spots exposed to his gaze, she clutched the covers that remained on the bed and held her breath, waiting for the first searing spank.


Roc cupped her bottom and caressed her cheeks, his hands moving dangerously close to her aching center. A drop of moisture escaped her pussy, and she gasped as he traced the wetness along her inner thigh. It didn’t help that beneath her, she felt his cock growing larger and harder within the confines of his pants. Her breasts ached and her entire body pulsed with need for Roc.


“If we have to repeat this lesson again,” he said, moving to cup her bottom once more, “I will take the strap to you, Anya.”


The first blow fell, a sting blazing across her entire left cheek. He spanked her right cheek next, and set a rhythm moving back and forth. Left. Right. Left. Right. Her backside throbbed with the quick intensity of the slaps, and after the first dozen landed she began to squirm and kick her feet. Through it all, he held her securely over his lap, no matter how hard she fought him. He pressed his free hand to her lower back, and eventually he pinned her flailing legs beneath one of his.


Being careless enough to put a pregnant ebbra under the covers had been wrong, she knew that. The hundreds of babies running around could’ve done serious damage to their home. Besides that, she felt remorseful for having played a prank on Roc, just to hear him scream. She supposed that had been a little mean of her.


Finally, an eternity later, he stopped spanking and rested his hand against her flaming bottom. His gentleness made her quiver and caused the tears brimming in her eyes to spill out, trickling down her face. She sniffled and lifted her head, blinking rapidly in an effort to calm her swirling emotions. But most of all, she was crying because the spanking had been intimate. It connected them and reminded her of how much he cared about her. He’d set rules for her, and if she disobeyed or endangered herself, she got punished. He didn’t hold grudges or allow a disagreement to keep them apart.


Roc turned her over and gathered her in his arms, surrounding her with his love and strength. Her heart swelled as she leaned into his chest and breathed in his masculine scent. The soft kiss he placed on her forehead as he cradled her wrought another batch of tears to fall, and he wiped the moisture away with his thumbs as he stared into her eyes.


“No more lizards?” he asked.


Peering up at him, Anya could have sworn amusement was flickering in his eyes and a smile was tugging at his lips. “No more lizards,” she agreed, staring at him in wonderment. The lines around his eyes were crinkling. She gasped. “You’re smiling!”


His grin widened. “Yes, because I’m happy.”


Confusion whirled within her. “Happy?”


“Happy with you, my little wife. Despite your little pranks and constant stubbornness, you’ve . . . grown on me, Anya.”


Her heart pounded with the significance of his confession. He wasn’t a human with human notions of love. She’d accepted that long ago, before she’d even met the Raxian her father had arranged for her to marry in order to help her escape a war-torn Earth. Warmth and light filled her as she stared up at him, and she returned his smile.


“You’ve grown on me too.” She traced circles on his bare chest and held his gaze as the profound intimacy of the moment washed over her.


Lust glimmered in his Roc’s eyes as his smile faded, his muscles tensing as he leaned down to capture her lips in a tender kiss. She knew he was restraining himself, holding back so he didn’t hurt her. The aching between her thighs increased as her need for him grew, and she dug her nails into his arms and lost herself in the kiss. He broke away with a growl and placed her on her feet, shedding his pants as he urged her to bend over the bed.


“Not only have you grown on me, Anya, but I can’t seem to get enough of you,” he said in a voice thick with desire.


He claimed her with a force that stole her breath as the primal beast in him took over, and their cries echoed throughout the house long into the night.




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