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Snowball Shenanigans

by Sue Lyndon


Mischief filled Maggie as she glanced at the freshly formed snowball in her hand. She grinned as she imagined hurling it at her husband’s back. Looking up, she watched as Tom worked rows of lights around a tree in front of their house. He was almost finished and she anticipated how beautiful the house would look when it was finally lit up with Christmas lights. She’d begged Tom to put the lights up after the neighbors started putting theirs up, and he’d finally acquiesced a few days after Thanksgiving, though he’d grumbled that it was still far too early for lights.

“Little girl, I see what you have in your hand there. Don’t even think about it.” He continued stringing the lights.


She frowned at the snowball, rotating it in her gloved hands. Leave it to Tom to have eyes in the back of his head and spoil all her fun. Well, no matter. She’d still have fun today. She placed the snowball down, oh so gingerly (still not convinced she wouldn’t use it later!) and put the finishing touches on the snowman she’d been building.


“Not bad,” she said to herself, stepping back to inspect her creation. Tom had given her a carrot, large black buttons, a hat, and a scarf to busy herself making a snowman while he finished decorating the outside of the house, and she thought she’d done a pretty good job.


“Almost done!” Tom called. “We’ll go inside and have some hot chocolate in a minute.”


Her mouth watered at the thought of hot chocolate, with marshmallows and lots of whipped cream piled on top of course. She started to follow Tom, but caught site of the perfectly formed snowball and paused. It was round and packed firmly. It was meant to be thrown. Naughty thoughts danced her mind. He hated the cold and the snow, and even though it had been five years since they moved to New York from Florida, he still hadn’t gotten used to the weather. On the other hand, she loved bundling up in sweaters and hats, and of course sitting by the window on a snowy day. She glanced between Tom and the snowball, knowing she had only seconds to decide.


Oh, why not, she thought with a smile. She scooped the snowball up, drew her arm back, and launched the snowball at the center of Tom’s back.


It hurled high through the air, and time slowed as she watched and waited for the frosty projectile to go splat all over Tom’s jacket. Her eyes went wide the moment before impact, and she cringed as he turned around just in time – oh no! – just in time for the snowball to hit him square in the face. His glasses fell to the ground.


“Oh shit!” She covered her mouth and gawked in disbelief at the scene unfolding before her. An agitated Tom was brushing snow out of his face. He retrieved his glasses, cleaned them off, and put them on before stalking in her direction. She stepped back, cursing her bad aim and timing. She’d meant to hit him in the back, not right in his face! “Oh shit! I’m sorry, Tom! I’m so, so sorry!”


He brushed the remainder of snow from his brow and pinned her with a stern look. She went instantly weak in the knees. Grabbing her arm, he led her to the door and inside the warmth of the house.


Apology after apology fell from Maggie’s lips as Tom helped her step out of her boots, jacket, and snow pants, until she stood before him in her pink long underwear. Her bottom tingled as she watched him peel off his own clothing, until he was down to a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt.


He crossed his arms and stared at her, making her squirm in place. “That was a very naughty thing to do, Maggie.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

He guided her into the living room and next to the crackling fire. With the Christmas tree fully decorated and the stockings hung, the room looked cozy and inviting. Except Maggie really didn’t want to be in the living room, or in any other room, with Tom at the moment. A shiver shot up her spine. He was giving her the look, and she knew from three years of marriage the look always preceded a hard bare bottom spanking. She gulped and peered up at Tom. His nose and cheeks were red from the snowball.


“Do good little girls go around throwing snowballs at their husbands? What about the cursing, Maggie? Do good little girls use that kind of language?” His eyebrow rose high.


“No, sir.”


“You’re lucky my glasses didn’t break.” He took them off and cleaned them once more, then put them back on. “Very lucky.”


“Lucky enough to get out of a spanking?”


He chuckled, then grew serious. “Not that lucky. I told you not to even think about throwing the snowball, Maggie, but you did it anyway. You disobeyed, sweetheart, and that’s why you’re getting the spanking. I’m not mad about the glasses almost breaking. That would have been an accident, but it’s the disobedience that upsets me, and you’ve been disobeying a lot lately, and you’ve had a potty mouth as of late too. It’s time for another lesson.”

“Yes, Tom. I know. I really am very sorry though.”


“I know, sweetheart, but you’re still getting a spanking. Are you warm enough yet?”


“Yes, I’m warm now.”


He nodded at the stairs. “Go to our bedroom, take off all your clothes, and wait in the corner.”


Maggie’s tummy fluttered, and she glanced upstairs. “Yes, sir.” She scampered off and did as he asked, making sure to spread her legs and thrust her bottom out as she waited. She also folded her hands at her lower back. She hoped Tom didn’t make her wait long.

Throwing the snowball had been naughty. She’d have felt terrible if she’d broken his glasses. Next time she’d aim lower. Much lower. Or maybe she just wouldn’t be naughty in the first place.

About fifteen minutes later, just as her legs began to ache from holding position, she heard footsteps approaching.


“Come here, you naughty little girl. It’s time for your spanking.” The sound of a chair being dragged to the center of the room made her jump. Tom liked to have her truly over his knee and preferred putting her over his knee in an armless chair, and she found the position with her bottom high in the air with her center exposed deeply humiliating.

She turned and walked to him, pleading with her eyes for him to go easy on her. He sat down and grasped her wrist, guiding her across his left knee.

“Hands,” he said.

Sighing, she reached back and he clasped her wrists at the small of her back. He urged her forward until her bottom was higher in the air than she would have liked. Then his right leg came atop hers, leaving her pinned in place and at Tom’s mercy.


Thwack! He struck her right cheek, then moved to her left cheek, and back and forth again. Maggie closed her eyes as the sting built, trying her best not to fidget and squirm over his lap. He always kept a strong hold on her and there was no way she could escape, but if she struggled the slaps got especially hard and were usually placed directly on her sit spot.


His flattened palm fell again and again. Her bottom throbbed and she knew it must be bright red. Shame heated her face when he paused for a moment to urge her legs further apart. Sharp swats promptly landed on her inner thighs, and Maggie couldn’t maintain silence a second longer. She gasped and whimpered as the spanks rained down, and not long after that she started shifting on his lap, trying to dodge the painful blows.


“Naughty,” Tom said as he picked up speed, swatting her harder and faster than before.

Tears burned in her eyes and soon streamed down her cheeks. She bit her lip to keep from howling, and breathed deeply as she tried to endure the rest of the spanking.

“Please please please, Tom. It hurts.”

“I don’t want to hear foul language from your mouth, Maggie.” Spank, spank, spank.

“All right! I promise!”

“You also need to listen to me better, young lady. When I tell you to do something, or not to do something, I expect you to obey.” Spank, spank, spank.

 “Okay! I will listen to you! Please stop.”

“Next time you act too big for your britches, little girl, you’re going to go right back over my knee. Do you understand?” Spank, spank, spank.

“Owwww! Yes, I understand!” Her throat burned as she screeched promises to be a good girl.


He placed a flurry of blows to her upper thighs, making her wail, before finally stopping to rub her tender, stinging bottom. Warmth spread through her heart as he lifted her up, turned her around, and seated her in his lap. She leaned into his chest, sniffling, and smiled when he pulled a tissue from his pocked to dry her tears.


They stayed in this position, in the middle of their bedroom, while he stroked her hair and whispered soothing words into her ear. She hugged his center, never wanting to let go. Even though getting a spanking from her husband hurt, not to mention caused her a deep embarrassment, she loved the closeness and the closure a spanking brought. She had no doubt they’d soon continue about their day as if nothing bad had happened between them. No grudges. No moodiness. She smiled up at him, drawing a lazy pattern in his stubble, certain she was the luckiest girl in the world to have found a man like Tom.


A thoughtful look crossed his face. “I forgot to put out the giant candy canes. You know the ones we usually place up and down the driveway?”

“Oh yeah. We can’t forget those. I can help you,” she said.

“You sure you’re feeling up to it?” He brushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Yes, I really want to help. Please?”

“Okay, Maggie. I suppose you can help.” He arched an eyebrow and wagged a finger at her. “But no more snowball shenanigans.”

The End 

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