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Bad Kitty

by Sue Lyndon


     Almost home. Almost safe. Tammy sighed in relief as she turned onto her street. Despite her slow-as-a-sleep-deprived-turtle speed, the tires spun in the snow and she nearly became stuck in the middle of the road. Whew. Close call. Some Halloween this was turning out to be. 


     Bright and white in the headlights, the snow kept falling, heavy and fast. Had her husband, Alex, not been away on a business trip, she’d likely be snuggled up in front of the fireplace with him. Instead of being smart and remaining home in the face of inclement weather, she’d gone to a Halloween party across town. Nope. Not smart at all. If Alex found out, he’d be none too happy. In fact, he’d probably turn her over his knee for risking her safety. She shuddered, but at the same time her heart ached. She missed him and looked forward to his return tomorrow evening.


     Ah. Home sweet home. She pressed the automatic garage opener and waited as the door rose up. Panic seized her when she noticed Alex’s car in its usual spot. Oh no. No no no. If he was home already – a whole day early – then that meant she’d missed his phone call.


     After she parked beside Alex’s car, she cut the engine and dug frantically through her purse. Unfortunately, when she located her cell phone, it was dead. Crap. She’d forgotten to charge the thing. She gulped.


     Tap tap tap. Tammy shrieked and jumped at the noise. Glancing up, she noticed a large figure standing at her door. Alex. Her stomach flipped. She gathered up her purse, making sure to shove her phone in the very bottom, inhaled deeply, and opened the door.


     “Hi, honey.” She stepped out and placed a quick kiss on his cheek. “You’re home early. What a nice surprise.” A shiver skated up her arms, partly from the cold, and partly from the angry look on Alex’s face.


     “Are you all right?” Dark eyes swept over her body.


     “I’m great.” She smiled and shut the car door. “I’m just getting back from a little party at Evie’s house.” 


     “I see.” The iciness of his tone rivaled the weather.


     No words passed between them as he guided her inside the warm house, through the kitchen and into the living room. Why couldn’t she remember to keep her damn phone charged? It was a simple task, but her track record wasn’t good where her phone was concerned and it was one of Alex’s sore spots with her.


     Dread coiled in her belly as he sank down on the sofa and patted the space beside him while holding her gaze. Slowly, Tammy took a seat and stared at her hands, fearing this was the last time she would sit comfortably for a while.


     “You forgot to charge your phone again, didn’t you?” He touched the kitty cat ears on top of her head.


     She nodded mutely as his hand trailed down her cheek.


     “Tammy Marie Wilson, do you have any idea how worried I was about you?”  Disappointment tinged his voice.


     Guilt crashed down on Tammy and she tried not to tremble, but her whole body quaked. How could she be so thoughtless? Alex was a loving husband and the head of their household. Through her carelessness she’d disobeyed one of his rules and caused him a great deal of worry. But still – she dreaded the thought of a spanking.


     “I’m so sorry, Alex. It won’t happen again.”


     “Sweetheart, this is the third time in as many weeks that I’ve had to remind you about your phone. I worry when I can’t reach you, especially when it’s snowing and I have no idea where you might be.” He covered her shaking hands with his in a gentle caress. “I love you, Tammy, and that’s why I’m going to punish you. Take your coat off.”


     Though she knew she deserved a spanking, Tammy hesitated to remove her coat. The Halloween costume she’d worn to the party was a skintight black cat outfit. Her breasts spilled out the top of it and she hadn’t been able to wear panties or a bra with it. After shedding ten pounds on a new diet, she’d had a burst of self-confidence and bought the silly getup. Of course she usually dressed conservatively and doubted Alex would approve. The man was terribly old-fashioned.


     “I’m waiting.” One thick eyebrow rose up.


     Pushing her purse to the end of the sofa, she stood up and slipped out of her long coat. Alex tossed it on a chair and shot to his feet. Disbelief clouded his eyes as he examined her outfit, but Tammy refused to cower. Dammit, she looked good. Losing ten pounds at her age was no easy feat.


     “You wore this in public?” One hand gripped her bottom, squeezing her left cheek hard. “Are you wearing panties, Tammy?”


     Blood rushed to her face. “Uh, not exactly. I tried to wear panties and a bra but the outfit was so tight that it looked funny and – ”


     “Enough,” he barked, already working the back zipper in a frantic effort to peel the costume off.


     A flash of anger surged through Tammy. So what if she hadn’t worn panties and a bra? It’s not like she’d worn a miniskirt and risked showing off her goodies when she bent over. And the front of the kitty costume was padded enough that the outline of her nipples didn’t show through.


     “You’re overreacting, Alex.” She kicked off her heels and 

stepped out of the outfit, now completely naked, aside from the kitty cat ears that still rested atop her head.  A vulnerable thrill ran through her when his hand closed around her upper arm.


     “I go away for four days and come home to find you making bad decision after bad decision. I am not overreacting.” His jaw tightened and the vein in his temple pulsed.


     Not a good sign.


     Tammy tried to shrug off his grip, but his strong hold on her didn’t waver. “Well, you were supposed to be away for five days.” Rolling her eyes at this moment would feel so good, but Tammy knew better than to provoke him further.


     Alex’s hand delved between her thighs to cup her pussy. “You’re about to be a very sorry little girl.” His breath was hot on her neck and shudder ran through her, half desire and half fear.


     “I already said I was sorry,” she pouted.


     He released her and shook his head. “Saying you’re sorry and actually feeling remorse are two totally different things and you know it.” He sank down on the edge of the sofa, back ramrod straight. “Let’s get this over with.”


     Still cross but resigned to her fate, Tammy lowered herself across Alex’s lap.


     “You’ll be getting extra spanks for leaving the house without panties, young lady.”


     What? Tammy tried to lift up, but Alex pinned her down with little effort, holding her wrists together at the small of her back and wrapping one huge leg around her flailing ones. Yep. Pinned tight and totally at his mercy. Tears welled in her eyes and her throat burned. Though she loved the dynamic of their relationship and understood that discipline was an important part of it, she dreaded the humiliation of being turned over her husband’s knee. By the time he finished with her, she would be a sobbing mess and her bottom would be on fire.


     He caressed her backside for a minute as he scolded her about her cell phone. A tear carved a path down her cheek and fell on the sofa cushion. Her mind wandered and she braced herself for the inevitable pain.


     “Tammy? Are you listening to a word I say?” 


     “Huh? Oh, I mean, yes, sir. I’m listening.”  Opps.


     Alex sighed and dipped his fingers between her thighs, pushing deep in her pussy. “You know what happens to naughty girls who don’t pay attention, don’t you?”


     She didn’t respond but cursed inwardly. She knew what was coming. “Ah!” The moisture stolen from her wet center didn’t ease the burn of his finger pushing inside her tight bottom hole.


     “Do I have your attention now, young lady?”


     “Oh!” She wiggled and tried to relax, but it was impossible to keep from clenching around his large digit. “Yes! I’m paying attention!”


     “Good. Now tell me what you’re going to do every day when you get home from work.” 


     “Um, I’ll plug my phone in?”


     “That’s right. Every night.” He pushed deeper in her ass. “No exceptions.”


     “Okay, okay. I promise.” At this point, Tammy would say anything to get him to remove his finger. The man could be a little too creative with his punishments, and while it didn’t really hurt, knowing it was part of her punishment caused a new wave of humiliation to sweep over her, followed by a surge of submissiveness as her body and spirit softened to his will, his authority.


     “Good girl.” At last, he withdrew his finger and resumed rubbing her bottom cheeks.  Then his hand left her ass.


     Smack! The first few slaps fell hard on the curve of her backside. As always, he was methodical in his spanking. Two blows on the same spot followed by two blows on a new spot. Up, down, side to side, and all over again. From the tops of her thighs to the center of her bottom, he covered her backside with rapid stinging slaps. It didn’t take long for the dam to break and Tammy’s tears flowed freely.


     “I’m sorry, Alex,” she sobbed into the sofa cushion. A few more muffled apologies escaped her lips, but he maintained the momentum of her spanking. Fast. Hard. Unrelenting. Would it ever end? Remorse – genuine remorse that welled up tight in her chest – consumed her with every aching breath as she lay limp across her husband’s lap. Alex cared for her in a way no other man could. He respected her, treated her with kindness, and went out of his way to see her happy. Knowing she’d both disobeyed and disappointed him killed her. She deserved every hard smack he gave her, and her heart overflowed with love and admiration for him.


     His hand stilled on her bottom. He cupped her cheeks in the center directly overtop the hole he’d punished earlier. Tammy sniffled and hoped he didn’t intend to drive the lesson home with more of that.


     “Shh,” he soothed, now rubbing her back. He scooped her up in his arms and pressed her head against his chest.


     “Do you forgive me?” she whispered into his shirt.


     He stroked her hair and pulled her closer. “Of course I do, baby. All is forgiven. Just promise me you’ll be more responsible with your phone.”


     She pulled back and met his eyes, staring up at the man she thought the world of. “Oh, I promise.” A light smile brushed across her lips.


     He placed a kiss on her forehead. “Good. Now let’s get those extra spanks out of the way and we’ll be finished.”


     Her heart plummeted to the floor at his words. She’d thought it was over. Her bottom certainly felt like it had received extra spanks.


     “These will be fun. Trust me,” he said with his mouth hovering at her ear.


     Trembling but curious – and more aroused than she cared to admit – she allowed Alex to push her back on the couch with her legs drawn up. Oh God. Her pussy was on full display. What was he planning?


     Slap! Slap! Slap! His hand came down over her pussy, spanking her intimate parts. It stung and felt like heaven all at once. Shocked but becoming more drenched by the second, Tammy remained in position as he continued raining spanks down on her pussy.


     “I’m going to get you all swollen and wet, baby, and then I’m going to take you from behind.”


    She whimpered and opened her legs wider, inviting the delicious pain. Her clit throbbed and her insides gushed with arousal. Raising her hips up to meet his blows, she moaned and winced when her sore bottom brushed against the sofa. 


     Alex stood up and pointed to the floor. “On your hands and knees, kitten. Now.”


     He didn’t have to tell her twice. 




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